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competition guidelines

This world is becoming more and more global and civilized, but at the same time we are stopping to question, we are stopping to dream. Architects, as well as many other professionals, technicians and workers all over the world, are quickly losing our critical attitude due to the structures of power surrounding us. We are blindfolded by this false illusion of a neoliberal system that has been sold to us as an ideal without possible alternative. Our critical part is being misplaced by the “creative”, “original” and “unique” part, creating thus acritical, consumerist, and individualist beings, far away from all possible illusion other than buying a new device or uploading a new pic in Instagram. Architects, as fundamental professionals in the capitalist production chain, are a perfect example of how this critical conscience is being shut down in favor of an “architectonic conscience” mainly concerned about esthetics, innovation and originality in our project while we remain blind to much more important issues. We, the Archenemy team, think that it is crucial to regain our critical conscience, not just about architecture, but about everything else. This is why nowadays it is of vital importance, not only questioning everything, but having an opinion about everything. The 2016 Archienemy Architecture Award means to promote critical conscience in architects who have decided to have an opinion in areas where nobody wanted them to have one, architects who materialize their opinions and ideas through quality architecture projects.

The challenge of these “other architecture” is to render architecture a useful tool to transmit and express other things, doubts and opinions beyond architecture itself. That is, these project must be used as a trampoline to reach other fields such as critical thought and political or philosophical opinion. They should be as far as possible from the traditional architecture projects that we are used to.

Who can participate?
This award is open to architects, architect students and scholars all over the world.

Registration and questions
Once the call has been published, candidates should register before September 31st, 2016, by sending an email to the following address: info@archienemy.com with the following information:

-Name or nickname
-Questions about the project

Answers to the questions
On October 30th, 2016, the answers to all questions asked by email will be published on the website www.archienemy.com

Technical specifications
Every project’s location will be left to the candidate’s election, so he or she will have to gather all necessary information for the project (CAD plan, pictures, etc.)
Every project’s function will be free, there will be no restrictions of any kind as for the type of building, nor its function or architectonic program. Everything will be left to the candidate’s judgement.
The project will be developed freely by each author, with no restrictions whatsoever to its creative freedom (there are neither clients nor professors)

Documents to deliver
Presentation document including all images, layouts, schemes and texts necessary to understand the proposal (both in English and Spanish). The document’s characteristics are:

-Size: A3 (420 x 297 mm)
-Format: pdf
-Maximum file size: 10 MG
-Number of pages: 10

The jury will be composed of members of the Archenemy team.

Procedure and deadline
All documents will be sent to the email address: info@archienemy.com. All proposals should be sent before February 28th, 2017, 2:00 pm

Selection criteria
The jury will evaluate the following characteristics in each proposal:
-The projects shall be “other architectures”, that is, it should be clear that we are before a different architectonic discourse, totally different and free from traditional projects that we are used to, one that stresses that difference above all.

-Authenticity in each proposal. Each proposal should be a genuine result of the author’s idea or opinion.

-Uncomfortable and radical projects. Projects that question, point or result uncomfortable to some aspects of the power will be favored.

-Architectonic quality. Even if we want to reach aspects beyond architecture, we shall not neglect quality in the proposals. On the contrary, proposals with outstanding project and technical quality will be favored.

-Quality in the presentation. Similarly, the quality in the presentation of the projects will be favored.

Results publication
The results of the award will be published on March 15th, 2017.

The winning proposals as well as the most interesting ones will be published in the Archenemy Magazine.

We, the Archienemy team, consider that this kind of award goes beyond any physical reward. The most important thing is the immaterial recognition, and knowing that a new wave of rebel architects is starting to rise. In any case, all participants will be given a participation certificate and a copy of the Archenemy Magazine.

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