In the first archienemy magazine issue, we present concepts such as “the other architects” and “the other architectures”. These concepts are crucial when it comest to understanding Archienemy’s intentions in the future. We mean to call upon those “other architects” that have always been away from dominating trends – or those who are starting to be. We mean to tell them they are not alone, there’s many of us, although we remained silent and resigned due to this system. Archienemy is the platform where we will receive your opinions, your proposals, your ideas and your projects.
Therefore, this issue means to be a call to disobedience and expression of our own free and authentic opinions as the architects that we are, but above all as human beings, far from dominating trends that mean to shut us down.
The first issue of the Archienemy magazine will be a starting point in this new ideological-architectonic trend in which the reader can immerse himself in the texts and analysis by architecture experts such as Nikos A. Salíngaros or Michael W. Mehaffy, by political activists such as Belgian journalist Michel Collon, or Spanish philosopher Ignacio Gómez de Liaño. Furthermore, this first issue will start by including the first brand-new project of this “other architecture”, that is, the International Pavillion of Architecture located in Zurich, Switzerland, and designed by the Archienemy collective.
This “other architecture” project represents the essence of Archienemy’s first issue and we hope you will not remain indifferent after reading it.

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